Komodo Dragon

Normal NAME: Komodo Dragon

Logical NAME: Varanus komodoensisc bvvb bvbc

Sort: Reptiles

Consume fewer calories: Carnivores

Normal LIFESPAN IN THE WILD: Up to 30 years

Estimate: 10 ft

WEIGHT: 330 lbs



Komodo mythical serpents have flourished in the cruel atmosphere of Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands for a large number of years.

Size and Weight

Achieving 10 feet long and more than 300 pounds, Komodo monsters are the heaviest reptiles on Earth. They have long, level heads with adjusted noses, layered skin, bowed legs, and immense, strong tails.

Abstain from food

As the predominant predators on the modest bunch of islands they possess, they will eat cgjhgvjm vbjmhgjnearly anything, including the carcass, deer, pigs, littler mythical beasts, and even expansive water bison and people. When chasing, Komodo monsters depend on disguise and persistence, lying in sit tight to pass prey. At the point when a casually strolls by, the mythical beast springs, utilizing its effective legs, sharp paws, and serrated, shark-like teeth to kill its prey.


Creatures that escape the jaws of a Komodo will just feel fortunate quickly. Winged serpent salivation abounds with more than 50 strains of microbes, and inside 24 hours, the stricken animal more often than not passes on of blood harming. Mythical serpents tranquility take after an escapee for miles as the microbes produce results, utilizing their sharp feeling of smell to focus on the carcass. A winged serpent can eat an astounding 80 percent of its body weight in a solitary nourishing.


There is a steady populace of Komodo mythical serpents on the islands of Komodo, Gila Motang, Rinca, and Flores. Notwithstanding, a deficiency of egg-laying females, poaching, human infringement, and catastrophic events have undermined the species’ populace.


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